Working for National Geographic

Signing up for the Texas Film Commission database was a great idea. I didn’t have any faith whatsoever that anybody would look for somebody like me, in a huge list like that, with no experience at all for this kind of gigs. But they did, and I was extremely happy about it to be honest.

Jeff Goldblum and the team

I was a self-employed Instacart shopper in Dallas at the time, and my intention was to gain more experience in the film and tv fields while living in a state where that kind of jobs are not particularly abundant compared to other states like Georgia, New York or California.

One day I was checking my email and I got one from Nutopia, the production company that produces Natgeo’s shows. They are based in the UK. They were looking for a PA in Austin, but I didn’t reply fast enough and the position was covered right away. I ask them to keep my info and I promised that I would reply faster the next time, and indeed, that is what happened.

Lil’ cowboy showing Jeff how to lace a cow. In this case he’s lacing his own father.

I was in charge of driving one of the SUV’s from Dallas to Seymour, Tx where we shoot the episode about Coffee. I drove to Seymour with the DIT who lives in Dallas as well, and once there I was driving the crew along with another PA. After two days the whole crew went to Dallas to film the other episode that was about Denim.

The show is Natgeo’s “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” and you can find it in Disney Plus.