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Category: Productions

Amor Cura

My friend Dante Zambrano came up with the idea of creating a new beverage inspired in his Peruvian roots, and called it "Amor Cura", which basically means "Love Heals" in spanish. The idea of the name is based on the painting "El Amor Cura" by the peruvian artist, Elliot Tupac. After years of research, hard work, many focus groups, traveling back and forth to Peru and many obstacles, the beverage is a reality and right now have produced more than 10,000 units and it's starting to be seen in various stores and supermarkets in the New York City area. Dante is launching a big marketing…

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One dream

Working for National Geographic Signing up for the Texas Film Commission database was a great idea. I didn't have any faith whatsoever that anybody would look for somebody like me, in a huge list like that, with no experience at all for this kind of gigs. But they did, and I was extremely happy about it to be honest. Jeff Goldblum and the team I was a self-employed Instacart shopper in Dallas at the time, and my intention was to gain more experience in the film and tv fields while living in a state where that kind of jobs are not particularly abundant compared to…

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6 Days in Oklahoma

OK was Great! and nuts! Who knew that during a simple, monotonous and boring Tuesday I would get a phone call that would make possible to appear in a Japanese TV show? And sitting on a toilet? In Oklahoma???? It was a legit call, among 100 robocalls, it was a legit one. I remember I was washing dishes when I heard her voice asking if I was David, that she was looking for a PA that could drive a 15 passenger van. Teruko was the coordinator and translator in the project. She is a wonderful person. The show is about Japanese products that make your…

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