My friend Dante Zambrano came up with the idea of creating a new beverage inspired in his Peruvian roots, and called it “Amor Cura”, which basically means “Love Heals” in spanish.

The idea of the name is based on the painting “El Amor Cura” by the peruvian artist, Elliot Tupac.

After years of research, hard work, many focus groups, traveling back and forth to Peru and many obstacles, the beverage is a reality and right now have produced more than 10,000 units and it’s starting to be seen in various stores and supermarkets in the New York City area.

Dante is launching a big marketing campaign online and in person and asked me to help him with the visuals of the brand like videos, instagram stories, photography, etc… The design was made by the artist mentioned before, Elliot Tupac and the website branding by Dante’s team based in Lima, Peru.

We are now embarking into an amazing and exciting adventure in the highlands of Peru, to create content for the brand and also to start a documentary based in the creation of the brand and Dante’s personal journey, which I will be filming and directing. More updates very soon!

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