OK was Great! and nuts!

Who knew that during a simple, monotonous and boring Tuesday I would get a phone call that would make possible to appear in a Japanese TV show? And sitting on a toilet? In Oklahoma????

It was a legit call, among 100 robocalls, it was a legit one. I remember I was washing dishes when I heard her voice asking if I was David, that she was looking for a PA that could drive a 15 passenger van. Teruko was the coordinator and translator in the project. She is a wonderful person.

The show is about Japanese products that make your life easier, and how they change the lives of the people who live abroad but always along with a story between the characters. That makes it lovely but also funny. In this case it was based in the small town of Walters, Oklahoma. Charming.

We shoot in many places in the state like Oklahoma City, Lawton and Walters. I was the driver of a 15 passenger van that I had to rent in Dallas and take it all the way up to Oklahoma City the first day, a 3h 15 min drive.

I was supposed to work for a couple of days but I ended up staying with them for almost a week. For that reason I had to get clothes at Walmart, the most accessible store in the area, and get stocked for a couple more days.

Working with this crew was a great experience and made me realise how much I love to be part of a production team. I learned tons of stuff from their experience and their hospitality made it even easier.

The whole cast and crew